About Us

Where we started

Working closely with employers, our primary aim was to assist them in achieving the wealth management, superannuation, insurance and investment goals they had set for their organisations. Our expertise was quickly asked for in many other financial areas. We now offer employers a fully-rounded, financial services package, in partnership with the leading corporate superannuation and insurance providers in Australia.

What happened next?

While working with employers, we realised there was one area where we could provide an even deeper service. One that would benefit their company because it helped their employees directly.

We discovered that many employees have a lack of knowledge when it comes to personal financial management, or are confused about all the options out there, but can’t afford to get expensive financial advice. Many HR departments spend a lot of time helping their staff navigate these tricky and often muddy waters, but there is only so much the HR department can do on their own.

That’s where we came in

We saw the need and decided to step up. We created the Wealth Hub specifically to provide solid and easily accessible financial education and advice to individual employees.

HR personnel can not only be confident in presenting their staff with our low-cost financial education and solutions, but in our team of skilled, financial advisory Wealth Hub professionals who are on hand to help employees achieve personal financial security. And having worked with us already, employers know and trust us to give their staff the best.

What we can help you with

We ensure that every employee gains as much understanding and advice on issues such as:

  • their income,
  • their tax situation and low-cost tax returns,
  • the different types of insurance – including income insurance, life, TPD, business succession etc,
  • free mortgage reviews – do they have the right mortgage, are they able to meet their monthly repayments,
  • how best to plan for their retirement – consolidating their superannuation and ensuring they have enough funds accumulating to provide for a comfortable retirement,
  • finding solutions for their debt situation and
  • how to handle their estate planning – one of the things we provide is an online Will service.

Our online Knowledge Centre is full of valuable reference tools for employees, to help them stay on top of their financial management, 24 hours a day. There is also great financial product information available as well.

Why is this such a good idea?

As all employers know, when your staff are more confident about their personal financial situation, they aren’t so distracted at work. They focus better and work smarter, which is good for the company and the employee themselves. We would be only too happy to meet with your HR department and discuss how we can best facilitate your staff’s future financial confidence. Contact us today and let’s set up a meeting.