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Your Wealth Hub offer an extensive range of services to assist with your business needs.

Your Wealth Hub understands the relationship between the financial stress that employees face and how this impacts the workplace.

Not that anyone will like to admit this but financial stress will directly impact the productivity of staff in your business as affected staff try to resolve their issues.

The Wesley Report of 2015 which gauges financial stress in society highlighted 40% of people suffer from financial stress at any given time, in the workplace this manifests itself with staff losing an hour a day of paid work time to presentism (staff being physically present but mentally absent). Staff will be looking for solutions or ideas to help themselves in work time. This loss of productivity is the direct impact financial stress in the workplace let alone the impact this has on other staff as they try to cover for colleagues.

Various studies over the past 10 years have shown that employees look to their employer as a pillar of truth when it comes to managing their own money. Not so much for the answers but for having resources to support their needs, this is where Your Wealth Hub comes to support employers.

Introducing a financial wellness program into your business is by far the easiest and cost effective way to attract and retain staff in your business. Employees value the support you will give them to improve their financial wellness so they can spend less time worrying about their finances and more time focusses on shared workplace goals.

More productive staff are more mentally fit which means your business reduces unproductive working hours. It’s a win/win for everyone.

How much is financial stress costing your business?

Enter your staff numbers and the average hourly wage and find out how much financial stress is impacting your business.

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