Free Mortgage Review

A mortgage is a loan you can take from the bank where your house is used as the collateral. Mortgages are long term loans and can last anywhere between 15 to 30 years and are a huge drain on your finances. They are the largest expense your paycheck will have to cover every month. Thankfully, we can help you review your mortgage – for free – and help you figure out if your mortgage contract is the right one for your budget.

Are you sure you have the best mortgage for your needs? Is there any way you could pay off your home loan in a shorter amount of time?

We can review the mortgage you have and see if there isn’t a better option for you. Our Loan Repayment Calculator will give you a monthly repayment schedule, reveal how much of your payment goes towards paying off the loan – the principal amount – and how much goes towards paying off the interest. If you have different loan amounts, interest rates and payment terms, the Calculator will help you determine how your monthly repayments will change to accommodate this. Whether you have a mortgage already or are considering one, take a few moments and visit our Mortgage Review page as well for more information.

A mortgage is the one loan where you don’t want to miss your monthly payments as the bank could foreclose and take your house to cover the debt. This may affect your chances of being able to buy another house in the future.