Retirement Q and A – Everything you need to know!

Retirement and planning to retire for some may seem like a phase in your life that may seem so long away, for many it is usually something addressed at the last minute.

Having your retirement planned financially is always going to leads to a better outcome with more money to spend in your retirement and hopefully a better quality of life.

There are aspects you need to be aware of that put you in a better position, things you can do now and also as you lead up to your retirement.

This educational Q and A is all about the financial, spiritual, nutritional and real life implications of retirement – Everything You Need To Know! We will share the experience of our experts to help you focus on all aspects of retirement to ensure you are set up in the best position as you enter retirement.

Join our special guests Victoria Black, Michael Thorne and Marc Bineham and hosted by Gavin Glozier.