Personal Insurance

Will your family be able to cope financially if you were to be diagnosed with cancer?

Personal insurance is a critical part of any financial plan. Ensuring that you can cover debts, medical expenses and anything else that will lead to you exposing yourself. Having shortfall insurance is the product you would use to fill that void.

The common forms of insurance are life insurance which covers your death, total and permanent disability which covers you against permanent incapacity, and the third type of lump sum cover is trauma insurance which  provides a lump sum on diagnosis of traumatic events like cancer or a heart attack.

The fourth type of cover is income protection which often regarded as the most important, as it replaces your income upon sickness or accident. Having this cover can ensure that your day-to-day expenses are maintained and covered for periods up to retirement.

With our team’s assistance you’re able to get the best quality product that will provide significant value and support for your family, going forward upon diagnosis of a traumatic event or in the unfortunate circumstance of your death.

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