Tax Returns

A tax return is an important responsibility that everyone will take part in after the conclusion of the financial year. It is your opportunity to audit the amount of tax that you have paid throughout the financial year and offset any deductions you may have incurred through the year to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid.

Based on the information you provide in the tax return the ATO will then calculate and advise you if you are eligible for a tax refund.

Your tax return does not need to be a complex exercise.

Your annual tax return does not need to be a cumbersome or complicated affair, for the vast majority of people a simple tax return service is all that is needed to confirm the tax that has been paid is correct.

Finding the time to sit with an accountant or tax agent for a lot of people can be seen as a chore, the outcome is not really going to change but you still spend over $100 on the task because by law you must submit a tax return.

For a lot of employees the whole process does not need to take longer than 10 minutes…

Well, you can relax.

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